Javier Guiraldi

Friday from 21:00 to 4:00

Javier Guiraldi - Argentine

I started dancing at the age of 12, I trained with the greatest Argentine masters of the time. Continuing my studies, music has become more and more a passion for me, so much so as to push me to research and deepen as a self-taught.

Argentine by birth, now Italy, in the city of Reggio Calabria, adopted me to be one of his messengers of tango, both as a teacher and as a musicalizador ".

Mala Junta

Saturday from 17:00 to 23:00

Mala Junta - Italy

Trained actress and director, I became interested in various artistic languages, from theater to cinema, from photography to the study of the cello... until, meeting the tango, I discovered a passion that magically brings together all the others: it allows you to express yourself with the body, in connection with music, with others, with space... and it is deeply metaphorical and inspiring in that path of self-exploration, which I believe accompanies all artistic research.

I discovered that, in addition to dancing it, I wanted to tell it, and offer my reading, and thus was born the idea to create a set of dedicated reflections, made with different languages, the first of which was the photographic exhibition "Encontrando" ( with 3D shots by Philippe Antonello and Stefano Montesi, inaugurated in Rome in the Museum of Villa Torlonia in 2017) and which will be followed by other projects. For some time now I have discovered that musicalization allows me a further expression... as often in tango, to propose and interpret, to make people listen and listen. I therefore propose to go together for a few hours on a road dotted with tangos from the Golden Age, and a few pearls sieved a little further... to let us be flooded by the dazzling energy of tango, its music and that of the dancers, and enveloped by the soft glow of the voices of the blues singers in the curtains....

¡Vamos que nos vamos!

Maria Victoria Fuentes.jpg

Saturday from 23:00 to 5:00

Maria Victoria Fuentes - Argentine

Born in Mendoza, Argentina, I have been dedicating myself to dance since 2009. Argentine tango and folklore dancer. On a musical level, my best school was my own home, where my grandparents, who love the genre, instilled tango in me as culture and passion. Over the years I have deepened my Argentine tango studies by understanding dance, music, lyrics and the numerous and exceptional orchestras that characterize it.
Always and for me a joy to tune into the tastes of the milongueros of each place.

Claudio Esclà Busi

Claudio Esclà Busi, Argentine Tango teacher-dancer-musician-composer-songwriter-musicalizador dj- organizer of Tango events.
Bolognese artist and dancer born in 1977 with an eclectic background. I start dancing at the age of five. At 18 I become a dance teacher. In the early 2000s I met Argentine Tango and was immediately struck by it. Tango stands out among couple dances and the pieces are jewels of musical composition, articulated but catchy and timeless melodies.
Since 2007 I manage in Bologna as a DJ and as artistic director the "Milonga Del Tango Dispari": one of the largest, longest running and most loved milongas in the city.
For two years I have opened the first Queer tango course in Bologna in collaboration with the Cassero LGBTI center. From 2019 I started "La Reversa" the first Queer milonga in Bologna of which I am a resident DJ.

Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00

Claudio Esclà Busi - Italy

Walter Venturini

Sunday from 17:00 to 21:00

Walter Venturini - Italy

I'm an Italian DJ. I have been musicising for several years throughout Italy and I am a DJ-resident of important Roman milongas, including Tanguera, in whose console I succeeded the great Felix Picherna. I have had the pleasure and honor of musicalizing several times in Buenos Aires and in many international festivals in Italy and abroad. The music I prefer is the one that goes from '35 to '50, mainly from the orchestras of Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, Troilo, Pugliese, D'Agostino, Calò, Tanturi, Laurenz, Demare.