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Augusto Cevilan y Alexis Alvarado

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Hello! We are Augusto and Alexis, two Tango dancers from Santiago del Estero, central north of Argentina. Life has fortunately united us through movement. We have been together for 7 years and our specialty is to reconnect and reinvent ourselves at all times. It would be difficult to describe ourselves in a word, we could talk about Dance and say that we like to feel free and develop a movement that mainly gives us joy and pleasure, we could talk about Tango and say that we love to connect and find ourselves in a flexible and playful embrace. We are like clowns, we joke and laugh, and this is how we discover our movements. "Joking" and "Playing", as we say in our environment. We believe that the more innocent we are, the better we can discover and create. Meditation is an essential part of this process, it is something that is always present in our lessons, it gives us back and takes us to the creative center to celebrate us. We love what we do and we do it with the belief that art and love can change the world. Do you join us in this experience?

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Augusto Ezequiel Castaño Cevilan, 32, is the creator of the CORPORALISM method, a body learning and exploration system based on his experience and study of various movement schools, including classical ballet with Teresa Nader (Santiago del Estero) and contemporary dance in the Municipal School of Norma Fontenlla (Mar del Plata), enriched and guided by the Marplatense Masters: Susana Alvarez, Roberto Dimitrievich, Edgardo Trabalon, Alejandro Parente, Montserrath Otegui. It continues enriching the exploration of movement through the Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Tecnique, Contact Improvisation, TAP, JAZZ and MUSICAL COMEDY with the Marplatense dancer and choreographer Bruno García. Coastal dances such as Chamamé, Double Scratch, Waltz crossed with Cristian Ibarrola (Chaco) In search of a better understanding of movement he decides to train in Functional Anatomy of Movement with the Conection Body Mind Pilates method, myofascial release with osteopathic approach, column pathologies vertebral, RPI (Post isometric relaxation), neurological taping of the Tegumentaria school, GPG @ Global Postural Gymnastics with Mr. Martin Roust, SGA (Active Global Streching) Eutonia with Fridda Kaplan, detection of neuromotor dysfunctions with the instructor Aminoneurofrecuency Martin Biancalana. He began his first steps in Tango at 12 years old, at 17 he joined the stable Ballet of Argentine folklore of the National University of Santiago del Estero under the direction of Maestro Nancy Montenegro, to continue exploring the movement later in the capital of Buenos Aires with: Alejandra Mantiñan, Los Totis, Alejandra Hobber and Adrián Veredicce, Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Olga Bessio, Frank Obregón and Jenny Gill, Diego Ortega and Aldana Silveyra, Facundo de la Cruz and Paola Sanz, Yanel Pedraza and Miguel Quintero, Aurora Lubiz and Jonathan Spitell and Inés Muzzopapa. Always in constant movement and constant research.

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Alexis Fernando Alvarado, originally from Santiago, 29, is a professor of visual arts received at the Juan Yapari Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Santiago del Estero, instrumental violin technician, received by the school of music higher education, continues to explore the movement through traditional folklore with Adela de Saavedra, to continue later as a Ballet dancer in the Ballet School of Norma Fontenella and Teresa Nader, where she continues her training with various teachers, including Maestro Hector Zaraspe (former first dancer of the Teatro Colón), Alejandro Tulio Toto and Maestro and choreographer Alexander Ananiev. He began his training in the Tango Salon in 2007. He continued his training and research of the movement as a dancer with different Tango Masters in the province of Buenos Aires: Aurora Lubiz, Jonathan Spitell, Yanel Pedraza and Miguel Quintero (Catamarca), Alejandra Mantiñan and Olga Bessio.

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Melania Beraldo & Maciej Lyczek

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Italy-Poland Different worlds? Maybe yes, until the moment they meet with another continent! In Argentina, immigration has left a profound mark that has allowed a great cultural mix. This project was born from the passion of two artists with international trajectory : Melania Beraldo, Italian, graduated from the Bernstein Academy of Musical Theater in Bologna and Maciej Lyczek, Polish, guitarist graduated from the University of Music and Dramatic Art in Vienna.

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Melania Beraldo, graduated from the Bernstein School of Musical Theater in Bologna, is an Italian dancer, singer and actress.
After completing his studies, he undertakes a trip to Peru, where he works in the artistic field, also collaborating with the Argentine tango dancer Washington Pinedo.
In 2016 he moved to Madrid and continued his professional career with the "Ethea Agorá" cultural company and with the Academy of Cristiane Azem.
She is a dancer in the "Adepocompany" Contemporary Dance Company and in the "Intriga Teatro" Theater Company.
He has also participated in video-music productions (including the song "I love you unnecessarily" by Antonello Venditti) and as a speaker with "The Lobby" Madrid.

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Maciej Lyczek was born in Poland, where he starts playing the guitar. At 18 he moved to Vienna, starting
so did his studies at the University of Music and Dramatic Art in Vienna. Even before starting his studies, he made his debut as a soloist with an orchestra, which allowed him to perform at the Konzerthaus in Vienna, at the Kirchner Cultural Center (Buenos Aires), at the Palazzo Cibeles (Madrid), at the Teatru Manoel (Valletta, Malta) , the Filarmoníca of Estonia (Tallin) and the Aspen Art Museum (EEUU).
In 2016 he obtained a scholarship in the prestigious Academy and Music Festival of Aspen, which allows him to study with the winner of ben Grammy, Sharon Isbin.
In 2017 he moved to Buenos Aires to study Argentine music, and won first prize in the V International Guitar Competition and Festival of Santa María de los Buenos Aires.
He currently continues his musical training in the Real Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid.